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Preseason Pick-Up Games


New this Spring! Cool Kids Lax will offer pick-up style games for players to gear up for the upcoming spring season.


Who can participate?


Players should have at least one prior instructional experience to participate.


Boys in grades 4th through 7th will scrimmage from 10-11am.


Boys in grades Kindergarten through 3rd grade will scrimmage from 11-12pm.



When and where?


Four games dates: Saturday, Feb. 6th, Feb. 13th, (Off Feb. 20th), Feb. 27th, and March 5th. 


Located at Providence Day's Upper Field. 


What will happen?


Players will be divided into two teams and play a full game (Two 25 minute halves).


Teams will be formed based on number of participants signed up (not to exceed 9 players per team).


Each team will rotate postions approximately every 5 minutes. 


Players will be "coached on the fly" and learn offensive and defensive principles.


Players will learn rules and penalties. 


Games will be limited to 18 participants to ensure maximum participation.    


Equipment needed for preseason games?


-40 inch lacrosse stick. (Defensive sticks are allowed on defense in the older group only)

-Helmet (may be provided)

-Elbow pads and gloves

-Shoulder pads 


-Cleats are not mandatory but highly recommended. 

-Protective cup (not mandatory but recommended)

-Reversible jersey with light and dark colors (may be provided)


How to I register?


Contact Coach Schmidt at to reserve your spot.  There is no commitment to participate in the pick-up games, however, spaces will fill up on a 'first come first serve basis. ($25 per game)


*after signing up, you will recieve a confirmation email with payment details. 















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