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Summer Shooting

On the Upper Field @ Providence Day


Shooting is all about repetition to gain muscle memory


Shooters can expect:

  • High repetition shooting drills

  • Helmets and gloves only required 

  • Correct shooting mechanics instruction

  • Stations to target different types of shooting:

TAR- "Time and Room"

SOTR- Shooting On The Run

Finishing Moves

  • Drills to feed and practice passing

  • Buckets of good lacrosse balls

  • Expert Training techniques:

  • Weighted sticks 

  • Radar gun- to measure shot speed

  • Many different Targets to shoot at including real goalies

  • Plus many more instructional tips such as jump shooting, hitching, shot fakes, etc.

Evenings through the fall.

*Times are subject to change with Providence Day's Athletic Schedule

$25 per session

Session 1,  6-7pm- Players in grades 2-6th

Session 2, 7-8pm Players in grades 7th and 8th

Let Coach Schmidt know if you plan on coming out today! 

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