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Training Sessions


Teams are only as good as its players.

Players are only as good as their individual skill sets. 

Training sessions will focus on:

  • Correcting bad habits

  • Reinforcing proper techniques

  • Building muscle memory

  • Passing/catching

  • Defensive techniques

  • Shooting/dodging

  • Ground balls

  • Stick protection

Session will consist of instruction and scrimmaging when possible

        We will run a variety of drills that will continue building skills for your son to be successful in lacrosse: 

Stick work, Ground Balls, Dodging, Shooting, Offensive/Defensive Concepts

Our main focus is on developing each individual player's skill set


Sessions will be held at Providence Day School's lower practice field across from the stadium.


You can expect instruction and a lot of individual attention! 


No commitment, pay as you play! 


or a 3 pack for $90

*sibling discounts available*

Training times may change week to week based on PD's athletic schedule and field availability.

A weekly email will be sent with updated schedule. 

Click here to Contact Coach Schmidt for more information today!

You will receive an email confirmation and specific information about location and payment.


Equipment for Sessions:

  • Gloves, 40 inch stick, elbow pads, shoulder pads (optional), helmet (you may borrow), and mouthpiece. 

  • Players are welcome to bring their long stick for defense and/or their own goalie equipment. 


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